Mesepp Community, Inc. 2019-2020 Training

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Levels I 
A Credential That Changes Lives & Your Career

“Counselors who treat people with substance use disorders do life-changing work on a daily basis. The diversity of backgrounds and types of preparation can be a strength, provided there is a common foundation from which counselors work. Workforce development is essential to the field of substance use disorder treatment.”

                                - U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Cost of Program
Thank you so much for considering Mesepp's CADC I certification program. Please see below our guidelines and policies helping us assist in giving you a smooth payment process throughout your journey.

Payment Options:
Payment can be paid in full : $1320 (USD) or $110 per track (12 tracks total)
All major credit cards accepted as well as cash and money orders---NO CHECKS PLEASE.

Payment Schedule and Policy:
You will relieve an invoice each month with your balance. Please pay balance or amount due prior to or on the first day of new track. Payment is applied same day as received. It will be reflected on your statement within 7 business days.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to start new track without payment.  Classes are on rotating cycle and missed classes can be made up.

***Enrollment in the next Track is contingent on all accounts being current***


TRACK 1 - November 9-10     ETHICS - Learn to judge the moral legitimacy of their decisions, enabling them to apply moral principles and values in business decision-making.
TRACK 2 - December 15-16   TELEMED - Learn to use electronic communications to provide counseling services without requiring a patient to come into an office.

TRACK 3 - January 11-12     HIV / AIDS - Learn connection between drug use and HIV/AIDS consumers
TRACK 4 - February 15-16   TRAUMA INFORMED CARE - Learn to treat a whole person, taking into account past trauma and the resulting coping mechanisms when attempting to                                                                                                   understand behaviors and treat the consumer.
TRACK 5 - March 14-15        
TRACK 6 - April 11-12         
TRACK 8 - June 13-14
TRACK 9 - July 11-12
TRACK 10 - August 8-9
TRACK 11 - September 12-13
TRACK 12 - October 10-11

To see CADC requirements in GA, click link below